Arabesques is a cultural organization to facilitate cross-cultural understanding by promoting the work of Middle Eastern, West Asian and North African artists, performers, writers and folklorists by hosting them in conversation, and connecting them with American counterparts.The organization will serve the Arab, North African, West Asian and Middle Eastern communities and educate the broader public by showcasing a range of cultural events to enrich cross-cultural and artistic encounters.

Arabesques culture and art will be committed to maintaining a space for reflection, dialogue and growth in the arts and cultures of the peoples of the Middle East, North Africa and the diaspora. Arabesques culture will organize film screenings, book/poetry readings and signings, lectures and conferences, art exhibits, and performances

The MENA / WANA community in Western New York is growing and there is a need to create understanding and communication between communities through art and culture. The vision is to share the beauty of the different MENA /WANA  cultures with focus on art cultures and traditions only. 

The MENA / WANA community in Western New York doesn't have a cultural center with focus on art only, the center will gather the different MENA / WANA  communities in Western New York under the umbrella of art and culture. Arabesques in Western New York will be a non-partisan and secular organization with focus on art and culture. 

Founding Team: 

Nada Odeh MA. Museum Studies

Visual Artist, curator and educator with over 15 years experience in museums, galleries and art fairs. She was awarded the scholarship of 100 Syrian Women, 10,000 lives.  She started to work on Arabesque in collaboration with Ellen Mcchale since late 2022.  Nada coducted several workshops and curated exhibites exploring different communities that lived in the Middle East and North Africa. Nada's art and work can be found in this site.

Paul Hage MFA Communication

A musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Hage performed in different settings and venues and has over 30 years of performing Arabic and jazz music. Paul's music and band can be found here.

Waffa El Solh MS Nutritional Science 

Has worked in the field of medical research and currently works in the field of public health.  She was the recipient of “Woman of Distinction Award” by the NYS 142nd Assembly District for her volunteerism and contribution to the local communities. 

Fiscal sponsor:  New York Folklore Society